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農産物・切花流通事業/Cut flower supply Business

HD Flower holdings group purchase fresh flowers from all around the world including major agricultural farms in Japan, JA, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, other Asian countries, South America, Africa. Based on those supply network, we started agricultural products and fresh flower business in Hong Kong.

日本の高品質でユニークな切花を香港に産地直送することができ、世界の産地から花を愛する方々のニーズに合った切花をリーズナブルな価格で調達する事が可能です。また、切花だけでなく、安心・安全、衛生的な農水畜産物の製造加工販売・卸業もてがけ、香港へ「MADE IN JAPAN 」を お届けします。
we are possible to deliver Japan’s unique and high-quality fresh flowers to Hong Kong directly from the farms. Moreover, we can deliver flowers with reasonable price to the people in Hong Kong who love flowers from farms in the world. Not only fresh flowers, also we produce and distribute clean and safe “Maid in Japan” food products.

事業内容/Our business

■香港園芸物流有限会社 はトヨタサントリーミドリエ(上海)園芸有限公司の正規販売代理店です。
Hong Kong Horticultural Logistics Co., Ltd. Is the authorized agency of TOYOTA SUNTORY MIDORIE(SHANGHAI)CO.,Ltd.