we develop business with our customer and business partners, throughout asia from japan.

The HD flower Holdings group has always been leading the flower and horticultural industry with a global vision as a general trading firm of the flower and horticultural industry in Japan, expanding the wide range of business such as production distribution, processing, and sales.

Based on the business base which HD flower Holdings groups piled up in Japan and original know-how, I established Hong Kong gardening distribution Co., Ltd. as the new first step for Asia. Based upon our solid business foundation and unique know-how obtained from the abundant experience in Japan, we built Hong Kong Horticultural Logistics Co., Ltd.

From Japan to Hong Kong. and from Hong Kong to all over Asia. Locating in Hong Kong as a basement, utilizing the strength of our whole group network and producing a synergistic effect with our business partners, we are going to create new value and rich environment and bring more happiness to more people.

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■香港園芸物流有限会社 はトヨタサントリーミドリエ(上海)園芸有限公司の正規販売代理店です。
Hong Kong Horticultural Logistics Co., Ltd. Is the authorized agency of TOYOTA SUNTORY MIDORIE(SHANGHAI)CO.,Ltd.