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緑化事業/greenery business

緑化事業/greenery business

Since 2006, midori display ( has been provided integrated services of planning, sales, construction and maintenance on vertical greening walls and greening roofs in Japan. Based upon those accumulated trust and achievement in Japan, in 2011, we started vertical greening wall business in Hong Kong as well.

For Hong Kong market, we aim at the two concepts below. 1. Realizing the high quality and stable vertical greening walls that no one but Japan can do. 2. Gaining the trust and satisfaction from clients by providing “One-Stop Service” which includes planning, sales, designing and guaranteed maintenance.

Ever since we lunched this business, our unique concepts are highly supported by our local clients in Hong Kong. In 2 years since 2011, we provided the one-stop service (planning, sales, construction, and maintenance) for Hong Kong’s most iconic greening wall projects such as ICC, Hong Kong Airport, MTR and so on. Now we became a leading company on vertical greening wall business scene in Hong Kong.

2012年には体制強化のため、弊社「HK Horticultural Logistics」の子会社として、緑化専門会社である、「Midori Creation International Limited」(を香港に設立し、緑化専門業者として更なる発展と顧客満足に邁進しております。
In 2012, to enhance this business, we set up our subsidiary named “Midori Creation International Limited ( ” in Hong Kong, pursuing the further expansion and customer satisfaction.

Such achievement was highly evaluated, so we concluded the exclusive agency agreement on Suntory’s greening wall products (Flower type and Forest type) for Hong Kong and Macao area, which is the first ‘exclusive’ distributer agreement for Suntory group’s whole history. We swear that we continue to provide high quality greening wall and green parking system. keep the cooperation of the group alive in future and promise an offer of the tree planting such as the high-quality wall surface or parking lot.

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事業内容/Our business

■香港園芸物流有限会社 はトヨタサントリーミドリエ(上海)園芸有限公司の正規販売代理店です。
Hong Kong Horticultural Logistics Co., Ltd. Is the authorized agency of TOYOTA SUNTORY MIDORIE(SHANGHAI)CO.,Ltd.